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Price: $75   Duration of service: 30-45min

An effective way to get rid of your vellus hair aka peach fuzz utilizing a medical grade scalpel to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. Resulting in better product consumption delivering higher results! That's a win win for us. Call us at 501-463-7458


Price: $135   Duration of service: 45min-1hr

DERMAPLANING 2.0! What could be better after getting all the dead cells and gunk off—cooling your skin off with a hydrojelly mask to soothe and hydrate, we also throw in a lip scrub and lip mask for the ultimate glow! Let’s just say after trying this version out it’ll be hard to ever go back! Call us at 501-463-7458



*Prices vary dependent on amount of hair and fullness

Lip                               $15

Chin                             $18

Full Face                     $60+

Underarms                 $35+

Arms                            $45+
1/2 Legs                     $55+

Full Legs                    $90+



The Custom Peel that is designed and tailored to each individuals concerns. Every skin type is different and we like to treat it like so. These amazing peels are safe for all fitzpatricks which is hard to find. For more info schedule a consultation today at 501-463-7458




In order to help you reach maximum results we need to get to know your skin and assess it and know everything you are currently putting on your skin. This helps us create a unique at home regimen system just for you. So if your are serious about your skin goals and you’re ready to put in the daily work to achieve clear glowy skin, give us a call to help set up a plan for you. *Note that amazing results take time, this is not an overnight process, but if you have dedication, commitment, and patience it can absolutely be done. We ask you come in with a positive and eager mentality willing to take professional advice. This will set you up for success and on a path to the best looking skin you’ve ever had. To book a consultation call 501-463-7458

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